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What Birthstone Is Sapphire and Why?

Talking of birthstones and sapphires, let us simply begin by saying that the beautiful and intriguing sapphires are the birthstones for all who are born in the month of September. If you ask the reason why, well there are many answers to that but it wouldn’t be fair to start that without saying a few words of praise for the ever beautiful sapphire. Rightly called the ‘gemstone of the heavens’, sapphires indeed exude a heavenly blue hue that has for centuries carved a permanent place in the hearts of many.

Diamond Anniversary Rings – Perfect Way to Show Your Love and Care

An anniversary ring is a gift which will be close to your heart. It will remind you of your hard times which you have faced together and will also demonstrate charm and beauty of your relationship which you have been sharing and will share till eternity. And so diamond rings are the best choice for your sweetheart if you are looking for something special for her.

Handmade Jewelry – Just a Click Away

Buying Handmade Jewelry is easier than ever. No longer do you need to plan a day, get out the map and hunt for all the trendy shops that cater to the discerning client with handmade items. With the entrance of Social Networking sites and Blogs the Artist/Artisan is just a click away!

How To Buy Loose Gemstones

Gemstones are undeniably some of the best and most beautiful treasures our wonderful Earth has given us. Many people collect loose gemstones, but few realize how important it is to have a little knowledge of what to look for when shopping.

Are Lab Created Gems Genuine Stones?

Are lab created gems genuine stones? Gemstones may be treated, simulated, synthetic, genuine, natural or a combination of these terms. You may be confused about shopping for these gems as prices highly vary although the gems at first glance may be very similar.

5 Types of Necklace Jewellery to Wear With Your Clothing

This article presents the different types of necklace jewellery that you can wear. It also discusses which pieces of clothing match the wide array of classes for these treasures.

Tips for Purchasing Stainless Steel Bracelets

Here are some tips which help you to buy perfect stainless steel bracelets. A bracelet is a mens jewellery piece which screams out stylish appearance. So it is very important to choose the best one that suits your looks.

What Are Army Watches?

Modern society has developed a taste for manufacturing products which suit every single occasion in people’s lives. If we were to attend a sophisticated ball, for instance, we would wear an elegant tuxedo or gown rather than vividly colored shorts. And although the list of such examples is practically inexhaustible, we will focus our attention on some very popular and thus fashionable accessories: watches.

Why Hamilton Watches Are So Popular

For a woman, it is extremely important to get such accessories that help them look more gorgeous and stylish. You can see them going for handbags, jewelry, shoes, and other such accessories. However, when you talk about men, you see them going for a few items only.

A Short History of Seiko Watches

Many people think that Japan only started to copy western technology after WWII and use that in their own technology. It maybe so, but a fact is that in 1881, Kintaro Hattori opened a jewelery in Tokyo and started to produce clocks in 1892, using the brand name Seikosha. This was the start of what is today the Seiko Group, consisting of ‘Seiko Corporation’, ‘Seiko Instruments Inc’ and the ‘Seiko Epson Corporation’.

Mens Bracelets – 3 Steps to Choosing a Bracelet

Have you ever been unsure on how to choose a men’s bracelet? This article will show you what you need.

Eternal Jewelry – The Master Glass Blower’s Memorial Gift

Today, glassblowing is responsible for everything from day-to-day accessories to jewelry to very expensive pieces of artwork sold in art galleries around the world. But few know its recent impact on memorializing the deceased through the sculpting of cremation jewelry, and the results are absolutely breathtaking.

Locket Necklaces – As Sentimental As It Gets

When you are looking for a lifelong memory look no further than the locket necklace. This sentimental jewelry piece will warm the heart of that someone special.

How to Choose Tourmaline Stones for Specific Uses?

Gemstones are not only used for jewelry but also for their various healing properties. Some of the gemstones have more such spiritual and healing powers than others. However, you must choose the ideal stone for achieving the benefit that you desire. Here are some tips for the same.

Tips and Advice on Purchasing Jewellery

Purchasing jewellery can be an enjoyable experience but if you purchase the wrong item or purchase something of low value it can become a nightmare so I’ve written the following article to help inform you and give you tips and advice for when you purchase jewellery either online or in a store. I hope you find the following article informative and helpful. Don’t forget to choose wisely.

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