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◾ Country of Manufacture: United States
◾ Brand/Designer: HOBE (unsigned)
◾ Jewelry Type: Brooch
◾ Year Manufactured: 1960’s
◾ Department: Unisex Adults
◾ Materials: gold tone metal; coral jade pearls (simulated)
◾ Dimensions: 1.8″ X 1.2″ inches (4.5 x 3 centimeters)
◾ Color: Green, Red, White, Gold
◾ Excellent vintage condition

New Fall 2010 Pandora Charm Release

You should expect to find the latest Pandora Fall 2010 charm beads in stores this coming September. Usually Pandora Charms has two main releases of new charms, Spring and Fall, with their Fall release usually seeming to be the more major of the two.

A Pair of Charm Bracelets Can Be the Ideal Gift For Your First Love

Are you wondering what to gift your first love? Whatever gift you choose, you must ensure that it becomes a treasure to your beloved.

The Perfect Gift For Your Husband

Buying of jewelries as presents for the loved ones is very common as of this moment. To some, it symbolizes undying love and eternity. Offering jewelries as presents will surely make the one you love to feel so blessed and thankful for everything that you have sacrificed. As you all know, jewelries are expensive and it takes quite a while before an ordinary worker could buy one.

Simple Tips to Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are symbol of true love, commitment, trust, loyalty and wealth of groom. You can find engagement rings in variety of stunning and attractive designs. So you can easily select the ring according to the liking of your lady.

Watch For a Lady – Tips to Choose a High Quality Watch

As a lady, you need a good quality watch that you can use every day. It is one accessory that can help you enhance your look and at the same time keep you track of the time of the day. There are a lot of watches in the market today.

Watches For Ladies – How to Buy a Good Quality One

Ladies always love to dress up. One good way for them to enhance and improve their look is to have accessories that matches their personality and outfit. Watch is one good accessory that you can use. It is not only a good accessory that can track time but also an important piece to improve your looks.

Quality Watch – How to Select a Good One

A good quality watch is important for you to have a long lasting accessory that you can use for some time. There are a lot of good watches in the market today and choosing a quality watch is never easy. There are a lot of factors that you have to keep in mind for you to make sure that you will choose a good quality watch that you can use.

Nice Watches – How to Pick the Best

A nice watch is an important accessory that every individual must have. It is one good way that you can enhance your look and your style. It can also help you keep track of time and properly manage the activities that you have for the day. There are some things that you need to remember all the time for you to be able to choose a nice watch that you can wear.

Have a Watch – Tips to Choose the Best One

It is very important for one individual to have a watch that he can use in his daily activities. It is also a good accessory that can enhance your look. Nowadays, it is never easy to choose the watch to buy. There are some things that you need to consider for you to be able to choose the best one that you can buy.

Children and Jewelry Boxes

There are many lessons that parents try to teach their children when they are younger and when it comes to presenting your child with their first piece of jewelry, it is no different. Because most jewelry pieces are fragile and can be easily lost or broken, it becomes important to make sure your child also has a jewelry box to keep the pieces clean and safe. Teaching them to put away the jewelry properly each night, much like they do for toys or clothes helps to discipline the child of the importance and value of their pieces.

Three Points to Consider When Purchasing a Bracelet

Do you want to purchase a bracelet? Well, you have to consider some things before you even buy one. Read on and find out more about three factors to consider when buying a bracelet.

Reasons For Wearing Rings

Rings find special favour with those who have a love for jewellery. This is clearly reflected in the fact that the jewellery industry sees a much higher rate of production when it comes to these rings as opposed to any other form of jewellery.

Diamond Earrings – A Stylish and Classic Piece of Jewellery

Diamond earrings are a luxurious piece of jewellery and always remember it is one of the most wonderful and best gifts for your any special occasion. But before buying your earring you must keep two things in your mind that is you must select a quality diamond for your earring and the style of earring.

Finding the Right Beads For a Jewellery Design

Creating a piece of jewellery is an enjoyable task. Getting the right beads from the right places is vital to making your jewellery stand out.

Garnet – The Birthstone of January

The most desirable and valuable of the Garnet gemstone are clear blood-red, cherry-red or violet-red gems, which may have a brilliancy that compares favorably with the sapphire. The olive to deep green stones are occasionally sold as “olivine” and “peridot”, varieties of chrysolite which they resemble.

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