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◾ Country of Manufacture: United States
◾ Brand/Designer: HAR
◾ Jewelry Type: Brooch (signed); Bracelet (unsigned)
◾ Year Manufactured: 1960’s
◾ Department: Women
◾ Dimensions: brooch 2.3″ x 1.6″ inches; bracelet 9″ x 7/8″ inches
◾ Materials: Gold tone metal; simulated jade; glass
◾ Excellent vintage condition

Silver Jewellery – Why Wear Silver Bangles?

You are probably looking for great jewellery that you can wear at any occasion, maybe one that you can easily match with the clothes you have, whether it be formal or casual. One of the best options that you may look into when it comes to matching jewellery with your outfit is silver jewellery.

How to Get Access to the Best Silver Bangles to Purchase?

Many opt to make use of silver and wear silver jewellery nowadays. Since women are known to be more interested with wearing the right kind of jewellery that compliments the clothes they are wearing and the occasion that they will be attending, they try looking for jewels that will best match almost everything that they wear.

Dependable and Fashionable Rotary Watch

It is the best choice to get value for money as it provides an excellent range and service which is unbeatable. Customer satisfaction is the motto of the industry, and it has achieved it to a great extent. One may search online for the type of watch he wants to buy.

How a Simple Wrist Watch Became the Controller of Life Today

In the early years when the watch was invented, people used it only to see time. Slowly as the trend changed, watches became stylish, and became the symbol for good status.

Why Wear Silver Jewellery, Such As Silver Earrings?

There are different kinds of jewellery nowadays, and silver earrings are the most popular of them all. You might be wondering why should you wear these kind of earrings if you have a collection of gold jewellery in your jewellery box.

Diamond Engagement Rings – Propose Your Love in Style

An engagement is one of the most special occasion of your life and selecting a perfect engagement ring for your lady can be little daunting task for men because of the wide variety in rings. If you are looking for a perfect and unique engagement ring for your beloved then you must know the fact that there are host of options in styles. But the most popular style is diamond engagement ring.

Nipple Jewelry

Nipple jewelry can be very exciting to wear. Men and women of all ages typically wear piercing jewelry as an expression of their self confidence. It is sexy, fun, and hip and for girls, it is something to show off for the boys if they are lucky enough to get a peek.

All About Marcasite Jewellery

Marcasite Jewellery dates back to the ancient Greeks, although it was the Victorians who really popularised it. Especially beloved by Queen Victoria herself, it has recently been brought back into fashion by lovers of vintage style jewellery. With its antique look and soft, gentle gleam, marcasite jewellery has a lovely dull, faded charm, reminiscent of bygone days and faded glamour.

Rings For Men – 4 Types Males Can Choose From

Are you looking for a ring for a man? Luckily, you are given four types to choose from. Discover which one of these types is best for you or your recipient.

Jewelry Organizers – Stop Losing Your Favorite Accessories

Has this ever happened to you? You are digging through your jewelry box and you discover a ring, a bracelet or a necklace that you had forgotten you had. You say to yourself: “I forgot I had this.”

Protect Your Precious Pieces With These Great Jewelry Organizers

If you’re a jewelry fan, then you know how easy it is for all your treasures to get lost, twisted, damaged or destroyed. If this is happening to you, then it’s time to get organized. Those with a penchant for accessories need to keep jewelry well organized, period. Otherwise, you may as well kiss your favorite trinkets goodbye. Need suggestions on what to do? Protect your precious pieces with these great jewelry organizers.

The Art of Chinese Jewelry

The art of jewelry making in China goes back almost 5000 years ago. Consequent to the evolution of Chinese jewelry the artisans adopted designs with a religious background, which subsequently found use in Buddhist religious ceremonies.

The Birthstone Topaz

Topaz is a common gemstone and has been used for centuries in jewelry. Its color is confused with aquamarine and with less expensive citrine crystals. The name Topaz is originated from the Sanskrit word “tapas” meaning fire.

Garnet Jewelry – The History and Meaning Behind the Stone

The term “bohemian garnet” refers to a specific type of gemstone which is mined almost exclusively in the mountains of the former bohemian empire, now part of the Czech Republic. Although they have been mined and can be found throughout the world, they really took off in Russia and other European countries. Quickly, their popularity spread throughout the world and the demand for Garnets could not be filled.

The History of Rhodolite Garnet Jewelry

Engagement rings are jewelries that could never be unrecoverable. Considerably, to excrete them real persistent, you person to select the reactionary and dead graceful that are commendable to be kept for a lifespan. Time, an activity of a diamond action doughnut is in the knowledge of most couples.

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