Vintage Jade green buddha pin brooch, Hattie Carnegie jewelry 1960s

Sterling Silver Rings

Unfortunately many people know little about silver, even though they probably own a great deal of it. Silver is used in jewelry, food serving implements, electronics and many other places and most people do not know the first thing about the metal.

A World of Pearls

The truth about pearls and why we love them so much. Your insider guide to pearls; real or faux.

About Designer Fashion Jewelry

Every reason why you should treat yourself, and not cheat yourself, to some Designer Fashion Jewelry right now. Give yourself what you deserve.

Jewelry Offers Style And Choice to a Woman or Man

Jewelry can be many different types and styles. Wedding bands should be the most important piece of jewelry to a woman or man.

Wholesale Souvenirs – Rock Shop Owners Share Souvenir Ideas That Drive Sales

Is your rock shop or souvenir store located near a major tourist attraction? If so, then you are probably aware of how good souvenir ideas can impact sales for your store. Whether you’re looking for new souvenir items to place near the register, or ideas for cheap souvenirs that kids love, selling polished gemstone key rings, magnets or jewelry is always a hit. Find out what other retailers are stocking up on this year. Read more at “Rock Shop Owners Share Souvenir Ideas that Drive Sales”.

How to Buy the Perfect Pearl Necklace

If you want to buy beautiful pearl necklace, you need to know how to choose one. The quality and beauty of pearl necklace depends on the quality of the pearls. There are several criteria for determining their quality and value: luster, surface, color, shape, nacre, matching and size.

Emerald Jewelry, Birthstone of May

    Emerald jewelry is a type of a birthstone; usually in the color of a bright green. The bright green represents the colors of spring with other lively colors available. This type of jewelry is mainly found with the bright green, as the birthstone of this jewelry is in May.

Pieces That Stand The Tests of Time

Being trendy means living up to the expectations society has set on the world of fashion. Wearing the latest style of clothes paired with posh footwear is one way people identify a person who is in the current fad. One thing though that many individuals fail to notice is the manner by which accessories is worn. No matter how unique fashion jewelry seems to be so costly, when put on with the wrong combination of blouse and skirt, it only ends up in disorder. There are various guidelines to be considered when thinking about the best means of achieving a pleasant overall appeal by simply coating with all types of jewelry.

Reasons To Purchase Waterford Crystal Online

Do you want to bestow on your beloved a precious gift on her birthday? You want something that will reveal the hidden beauty of a lady without making a hole in your pocket? Well, you need to search for some jewelry then. Nowadays, you can find different types of designer jewelries at a cheaper price.

Your Baby’s First Set Of Jewelry – How To Find One

Babies are living miracles. These fragile little creatures are truly one of the living proofs of how beautiful to live and be alive in this world. They are also symbols of happiness and innocence, and every move they make, their first smile, giggle, first word that they utter, first crawl and first step is a landmark that should be remembered. So to make your baby’s first days of life in this earth a memorable one, why not give your baby a piece of baby jewelry which they will treasure when they grow up and will be a part of their remarkable years as an infant.

Amazing Jewelry

Jewelry is said to be woman’s weakness and women of all ages love wearing jewelry according to their choice and preference. Jewelry is a personal ornament, such as a necklace, ring or bracelet, made by using different precious materials and gemstones. Jewelry enhances the grace of the attire and thus adds to the personality of the wearer.

It Is All About Rubies

Women have always loved to wear jewelries. Be it a necklace, earnings or just rings they love them all. Ever since anyone can remember rubies have always being in demand and even more there has been a demand for ruby rings.

Indian Bridal Jewelry – The Recent Trends

Indians are world famous for their taste in jewelry. Whenever an Indian woman gets married, it goes without saying that she has to be adorned with ornaments from head to toe. And why not? A gorgeous sari combined with lots of jewelry is an irresistible combination. Manish Malhotra, one of the most known names in the fashion industry, recently won accolades for his bridal collection of 2010. No wonder that a woman looks the most beautiful on her wedding day.

Christian Purity Rings for Girls and Guys

Especially in today’s culture, it can be very difficult for teenagers and young adults to keep themselves from having sex until marriage. Something that has become more and more popular are purity rings, also known as chastity rings. They don’t get rid of temptation, but they help guys and girls remember their commitment to wait until marriage before having sex with someone.

Cubic Zirconia Ring, Fashion Jewelry for Your Everyday Affair

Fashion Jewelry are essential pert of your lifestyle. Creating a desirable look is possible with less expensive gemstone that could turn your outfit from ordinary to extravagant. Cubic Zirconia Ring is a less expensive diamond alternative for your everyday fashion needs.

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