Seashell Jewelry – Classy Accessory, Casual Or Elegant

Seashell jewelry is popular whether it’s made from actual seashells or made from a precious metal that’s molded in the shape of a real seashell. Make sure proper protection is applied if you purchase genuine seashell jewelry.

Know About Philip Stein Watches

Philip stein watches came into existence recently in 2002. They are not very old, still have captured a large part of the market due to their innovative and designer timepieces.

Good Things to Know About Pandora Charms

You love those beautiful Pandora charms, don’t you? I think we all do, and there’s a reason for that. They are gorgeous, for one.

Inexpensive Swiss Timepieces For Men

Huge brands within the Swiss timepiece making market such as Panerai may be the things which corporate dreams are made of, however there are less popular manufacturers which are also beginning to make their representation in the awareness of interested consumers. Reasonably priced Swiss wrist watches for guys are thriving simply because there is an enormous interest in high-quality, well-designed, and also fashionable luxury wrist watches that will stand head to head versus their better identified competitors, such as Panerai. Purchasing reasonably priced Swiss timepieces offers quite a bit of advantages.

How to Change a Stud-Type Nose Ring

When you got your nose pierced, you were probably given instructions about how to change the nose ring. But there are different types of rings, and it can be hard to remember all that info. Changing your ring can be painful if you don’t do it the right way, so here are some tips that should help.

The ABC’s of Body Jewelry

Ear lobe piercings have long been the most common and most socially acceptable form of body piercing. However, the practice of getting piercings in alternative locations is becoming more common.

The Reasons Why Gold Is Expensive and Continues to Increase in Price

It costs a lot to buy gold jewelries, and maybe a life’s fortune to buy gold bars. Read on to know why gold is as expensive as it is.

Tips to Fix Your Broken Necklace

Most of the women in this world must have one or two jewelry made by gold. It can be said that gold is very valuable metal. Because of that, the gold’s price is expensive.

Cleaning Gold and Silver Jewellery

It is very likely that you also forget to clean your jewels from time to time and you most certainly don’t have a professional cleaner at home. There are certain things you can do about this, things which eliminate the option with the special cleaner, as you won’t need it any longer. When it comes to silver, here is what you should do if you want to clean it.

Lola Rose Jewellery Makes the Perfect Gift for Women

Lola Rose Jewellery is the perfect affordable gift for women. It is stylish, fashionable and liked by women of all ages. Furthermore the range is made from semi-precious gemstones which are said to have many healing properties.

What Makes Garnet Jewelry Original?

One of the features that make garnet jewelry original is the texture. Unlike many other precious stones, they make rings that are smooth and have a floral quality on the surface. This is further emphasized by the many pendants that are made in the form of a heart and attached to the base of a necklace.

All About The Tourmaline Jewelry

Brazil has the greatest capacity with almost all the colors of the tourmaline. California is best known is the production of pink tourmaline. On the other hand, Maine is known for the sherbet-colored as well as mint green tourmalines.

Celtic Jewelry – Colored Stones Are in Demand

Jewelry has almost always been popular and there are so many different varieties that it is almost impossible to say that all ideas and methods of creating jewelry have been created. There are so many different types of gemstones, whether precious or semi-precious, that give variety to the jewelry world. Celtic jewelry, and specifically Celtic rings with stones, has become very popular lately.

Choosing the Right Pocket Watch

Choosing the right pocket watch can be a difficult task. Some people prefer modern interpretations of classics while others prefer to go down the antique route with something more collectible.

Diamond Engagement Rings – 4 Things To Remember At The Jewelry Store

When you are at the jewelry store picking the perfect engagement ring, there are four things to keep in mind to stay under your budget and still get the ring of her dreams. As a jeweler with 20 years of experience, I have become somewhat of a diamond expert. Keep in mind the carat weight, color, clarity, and cut when purchasing a diamond engagement ring.

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