About Diamonds and Diamond Weights

Measured in Carat Weight, diamonds are the most precious and valuable stones present in nature. 200 milligrams are equal to one carat and the word carat is believed to come from the word carob that was a bean that grew on a tree in the Mediterranean. These carob grains were used by the ancient people in Mediterranean to measure diamonds.

3 Reasons to Buy Tungsten When Shopping for a Wedding Band

There are plenty of reasons to buy tungsten instead of gold, silver, or platinum when searching for a wedding band. Aside from the fact that tungsten is becoming extremely popular, it offers wearers a number of less than obvious benefits as well. Here are the three most commonly cited advantages of purchasing a tungsten ring. Resistance to Everything If you are a Star Trek fan, you will know that “resistance is futile” unless you happen to be speaking about tungsten. As one of the hardest substances on earth, diamonds being another, tungsten retains its shape through unusually challenging circumstances. As long as the ring is neither cut nor subjected to repeated abuse, it will not just survive, but is likely to remain intact and undeterred. No gold ring can make that sort of claim. Every little scratch remains, and while some people like that patina, many don’t.

Cartier Watches for Women – A Helpful Guide

Cartier watches for women are among the most prestigious and luxurious anywhere. Here are a few important and helpful tips to consider as you look for the perfect timepiece for yourself or a loved one.

Why Buy From an Independent Jeweler?

A few advantages to buying from a local jeweler vs. online or big box chains. Tips from an independent jeweler and certified gemologist in Asheville, NC.

Brooch Jewellery Makes a Comeback

This article talks of how the brooch has made its comeback. Various types of brooches are discussed and a few tips on how to care for these ornaments are also listed in the article.

Keep Your Bling in Line With a New Jewelry Organizer

Clutter has a way of taking over in a hurry. It starts out subtly. Maybe you just throw something on top of your dresser because you are in a rush. But soon the clutter will start to take hold. First your dresser will be covered with junk and before you know it, every available surface in your room will be overflowing with your things.The main reason for this isn’t laziness.

The Wonderful Bead That Is the Hematite

Jewelry is beautiful YES, but have you ever wondered why it is that certain jewelry make you feel good… Well, in this article we discuss the many unique attributes of the hematite bead and why it is such a magnificent gemstone. You will be amazed at what this wonder gem can do for you. Check it out…

Best Watches Online

Like everything, there are a great many products available for purchase on line now. If you are prepared to buy this way, some terrific savings can be made.

Best Watch Ever

Your guide to the best watch ever produced. This title is a real challenge to the watch collector because clearly it’s very subjective.

Beads – What Jewelry Is Made Of

When people think of handmade jewelry they automatically think of beads. This is an important part of it but what else makes up great jewelry?

Discover Top Four Online Stores to Buy Cross Necklaces for Men

Discover where to buy high quality cross necklaces for men online. Find out the latest trends and fashion for men’s cross necklaces.

A Unique Watch For Every Style

The posh watch industry has traditionally guided toward marketing to men, with brands like Breitling taking center stage. Michele watches, though, were manufactured to consider women luxury and elegance in a time piece that suits their personality and style. Michele watches come in a wide range of models, and there’s something for almost anyone.

Buying Tips for White Gold Rings

Gold can be of different colors like yellow, white, rose, etc. Mostly white gold and yellow gold are used in rings at present time. White gold is among the popular metals for preparing rings and other ornaments. For the occasions like wedding, it is widely chosen. White gold is the mixture of gold and other white metals like silver and palladium.

Armor Ring – If You Have Not Seen a Full Finger Armor Ring You Could Be Seriously Missing Out

They say what goes around comes around but, I am not sure that when it comes to an armor ring that I can ever say that I have seen or even heard of one until fairly recently. When you think that fashion changes so quickly, it can be very difficult to keep up with all the styles you see and can be pretty daunting. That said if you look carefully most of what we wear today is just a slightly updated version of a design from years gone by.

Wrist Watch Review – Citizen Calibre

No matter what you need to buy, the market is flooded with a never-ending list of options enough to confuse even a shopping maestro, and wrist watches are no exception. Today, you can find a host of manufacturers offering an exhaustive range of wrist watches to suit different needs and budgets.

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