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How Freshwater Pearls Are Processed

Very few people realize that Chinese freshwater pearls are heavily processed. bleached and dyed. While this is done to make the pearls look much more appealing it is also likely to reduce the quality of the pearls. Careful shopping and attention to details will alert you to cheap over processed pearls.

The New Old

Hamilton Watch is a US company that reinvents its past every so often. It endures and thrives because of that.

How to Make the Most of Your Pandora Style Charm Bracelet

Having the freedom to design your own jewellery from an extensive range of beads and charms can be very satisfying. There are many stunning and original designs of lampwork glass beads, which allow you to stand out, be unique and above all start your own trend. A piece of jewellery which can be changed to reflect your style, mood or the occasion in which you are wearing it, is such a distinctive concept, it is no wonder they are increasing in popularity by the day. Just by having a selection of different coloured glass beads, is enough to transform your bracelet. With no need to change your chain or your spacer beads, just swap your coloured beads to suit your outfit. For a more casual look you could replace your silver chain with a leather one, giving a completely different look. If you already have the leather bracelet, glitz it up with a silver chain for a special occasion.

Vintage Necklace, A Stylish Statement

The right necklace added to any outfit can be the perfect piece de resistance. For women all around the world, accessorizing is an important part of dressing and is all about making a stylish statement. The range of jewelery and in particular necklaces, has never been larger and harder to select from and that is why I always recommend choosing a beautiful vintage necklace to complete your look.

Discount Designers Jewelry

Designer jewelry is every woman’s dream and this dream can now be fulfilled by buying gorgeous and stunning jewelry at discounted prices. Learn more about various options available out there in order to benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

Silver Rings – Countless Variety With Different Adornments

Silver is one of the most good looking metals out there and the best thing about Silver is that anyone with a decent amount of money can buy Silver jewelry without worrying about the expenses. Silver jewelry consists of every kind of ornament from rings, necklaces, bracelets, toe-rings, girdles, earrings and a lot more.

Opal: Gemstone to Dispel Fear and Heighten Insight

Rainbow-flecked white opal is the traditional Birthstone of October and given to commemorate the 14th wedding anniversary. Opal is said to dispel fear and heighten insight. Opal comes from the Latin word “opalus” meaning “stone”.

Back To Black – The Allure of Black Jewellery

Black jewellery isn’t dull! It can be elegant and sophisticated, and will complement any outfit. As a fan of dark coloured stones myself, I like their associations with the lore of crystals and gemstones. According to legend, black stones are noted for their grounding powers, acting as anchors to return the truth-seeker to reality. Individual stones are also considered to have their own powers.

Blue Topaz: Gemstone of Love and Fidelity

Arctic Blue Topaz is the traditional Birthstone for December. It is designated for the 4th wedding anniversary. The Blue Topaz stone symbolizes love and fidelity.

Citrine: Gemstone of Enhanced Feelings of Joy and Increased Creativity

Golden yellow citrine is the traditional Birthstone for the month of November. It is designated for the 13th wedding anniversary. Citrine can enhance feelings of joy and increase creativity.

Cool Tragus Jewellery to Help You Be Different

If you want to be different, then some cool tragus jewellery will certainly help. Becoming popular from about 2005 onwards, tragus piercing is now one of the best ways of showing your own personality and style, and there is a wide range of tragus bars and other cartilage jewellery that will help you to stamp your own style on the way you look. Some go for multiple ear piercings, some for lips and noses, but the tragus is chic and not as obvious, but certainly offers an understated form of piercing that enables you to try out a wonderfully…

Luxury Watches At Low Prices

People who can’t afford to purchase the expensive high end designer watches can opt for the modestly priced luxury watches that are available in the most fab designs. Before shopping for them, you should learn where to purchase them from, so you get the best deals.

Invicta Womens Watches – Boost Your Confidence With Invicta Angel Watch

If you are looking to add a fantastic piece of accessory to your outfit, or if you are looking for an excellent gift for your wife, sister, daughter or mother; there’s no going wrong with the Invicta Women’s Watch. With a combination of modern materials and refined style, the limited edition Invicta Angel Watch can be worn by any woman to add flair to her outfit.

The Beauty of Designer Watches – What to Look Out for When Buying a Watch

Watches are both attractive and functional. Designer watches for both men and women are always in vogue, despite indications that say that younger people have stopped wearing watches. The reasoning behind this idea is that people are more likely to tell the time from their mobile phones.

How Not To Get RIPPED OFF Selling Your Gold Jewelry

Gold prices are at all time highs and expected to go higher. Learn how not to be ripped off at a gold party.

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