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What to Consider When Looking at Ashoka Diamond Jewelry

If you are thinking about investing in Ashoka Diamond jewelry there are a few basics that you are going to need to consider first. While it is possible to just head out to the store and come home with a diamond, a diamond is thought to be a reflection of the soul and one’s station in life. Therefore, it is not a decision that you should make with haste. By just considering a few factors about Ashoka diamonds first you can make sure that you make a purchase that will stand the test of time.

Will an Ashoka Cut Diamond Really Last Forever?

When you are in the position to purchase a diamond one of the very first things that is going to stay on your mind is the price tag associated with the diamond. It is hard to deny the fact that a diamond is expensive, but that does not mean that an Ashoka cut diamond has to be out of the question. It simply means that you want to consider a few factors seriously before you make your final decision. This way you can make sure that you invest wisely and in a diamond that is going to stand the test of the time.

Handcrafted Jewellery – A Gift From the Heart

How about a tailored gift for that loved one, next time around? That too, with a personalized touches from your own hands? Any gift with your own touch to it is considered divine by the receiver and never misses to ring the right bells for you. A well thought out hand-made design on a jewellery item like a necklace or bracelet would even go further.

The Rich History of Pearls

Pearls are amongst the most vintage form of jewelry that is celebrated even today. It is the oldest gem that is known to man and is the only one that is produced by a living animal.

Spoon Jewelry: From Antique Silverware to Wearable Adornments

Have you ever been left in awe after seeing an elegant collection of fine silverware that has been passed on from generation to generation? Read on to discover the history of how these popular antique silverware patterns inspire wearable jewelry to become treasure for a lifetime.

No Whites Post-Labor Day: Once Enforced, Now Abandoned

Wearing white after Labor Day is no longer frowned upon, in fact it’s encouraged! Here’s how to rock those winter whites, complete with colorful accessories.

Sterling Silver Pendant – Some Information

Silver is one of the precious metals used in the form of jewelry not only by women, but men also wear silver jewelry in the form of bracelet and chain. Sterling silver is nothing but the standard of this precious metal and it is used in jewelry and other articles as well. For making the sterling silver standard, 92.

Why Von Treskow Bracelets Are The Perfect Attire For Women?

This article discusses all about Von Treskow bracelets. Also, this article intends to enlighten us of how this brand started, the sources of inspiration by its originator and why its offered bracelets are perfect when matched with the attires of women.

A Modern Twist on “Something Old, Something New”

The ways to observe this age-old wedding tradition are only limited by your imagination! Sapphire jewelry is one of the many ways to wear both something new and blue, and though it may be a contemporary choice for wedding jewelry, blue sapphire has a very royal history.

Evil Eye Jewelry – Do You Really Need It?

People tend to worry a lot about the bad times that wait ahead. This is a serious psychological situation that makes people believe in astrology and other superstitions. One of such beliefs is related to the evil eye.

Protect Yourself From Evil Eyes

However modern people become we can still find certain traditional notions, beliefs and superstitions residing in them. One of such beliefs is about the evil eye. People believe that when someone casts an evil eye on us, they sends a curse.

6 Steps to Create An Amazing Personalized Name Necklace

Arts and crafts in creating personalized jewelry can be a favorite pastime for people of all ages. It is not only a good hobby, but it is one that can help get creative juices flowing. A name necklace would make a beautiful gift for any occasion, and it can be simply made by just a few materials.

4 Reasons Why a Silver Name Necklace Makes a Special Gift

Necklaces have been around for many thousands of years. We can see all throughout history that gift giving of jewelry was something that was practiced by many cultures around the world. Pictures of ancient Egyptians also show us a variety of necklaces that they made; some where thin while others were big and broad which also proved to be a status symbol.

What Makes Von Treskow Jewellery Stand Out Among Other Brands?

This review discusses all about Von Treskow jewellery. Also, this review intends to enlighten us of how this jewellery brand was created, the sources of encouragement by its creator and how it survived to maintain its current standing in the Australian fad industry.

Vintage Hat Pins – Pretty Lethal Weapons

Beautifully decorated vintage hat pins hold an incredible allure to those of us who admire artistry on a confined platform, whilst providing a utilitarian service. These highly sought after little gems of history were worn by women over the decades to accessorise and secure their hats and are still in use today, but in slightly different ways on the whole…

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