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CZ Wedding Sets – For an Everlasting Memory

Most people wonder why the wedding ring or a wedding jewellery set is so important to a woman. Indeed, most men just can’t understand why women obsess over them. But the people who are married know the reason.

Panerai Straps – A History in the Making

For the average person, their watch or watch strap is not a big deal. These people would go to the mall and pick up a cheap watch, while not thinking much of it. Once that watch breaks, they would simply buy another one and then the cycle would start all over again. As cell phones become an even larger part of our lives, watches become an even less important part of our life.

The Anklet Story

One kind of jewelry that is unique in many senses of the word is the anklet, which is also sometimes called the ankle bracelet. This seemingly new addition to the world of fashion jewelry is and was one of the most symbolic and meaning packed jewelry throughout history… and in many places all over the world.

Why We Love Rings

A short article about rings. Why we love them and how they have been a part of our culture for centuries.

Sea Glass For Sale

Looking to buy Sea Glass or Jewelry? Did you know there is authentic AND artificial Sea Glass? And that not everyone is selling something authentic? Be careful what you buy by getting to know all you can about ‘the real stuff’.

New Trends in Cremation Jewelry and Memorial Jewelry

Cremation jewelry and memorial jewelry are becoming popular ways to remember a loved one who has passed. What is the difference? Where are they sold? How does it work? This article surveys some of the options that are available, and describes some of the process involved in the purchase.

Platinum – A Great Metal For All Kinds of Jewelry

Why is Platinum better than Gold? A look at this beautiful metal and its uses for Jewelry.

Top 5 Reasons For Wearing Pearl Jewelry

It’s been said that pearls are the jewelry of queens and it’s not without reason. In fact, before we learned to cultivate pearls, they used to be so rare and so expensive that there were simply no one besides royalty who could afford them. Today, pearls come in all forms, from black ones from Tahiti to the ones grown artificially in rivers and lakes. The natural ones are still the most sought after, but cultivated pearls are equally beautiful and much cheaper. Read on and find the five reasons why pearls are so great:

5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Pearls

Pearls are timeless and elegant jewelry that will make you look classy and sophisticated. Not more than one hundred years ago, pearls were so rare and so expensive that only royalty and the very rich could afford them. They were more valuable than gold and diamonds. That’s fortunately not the case today, because we have learned how to grow them in farms – so called cultivated pearls. The natural found are still in high demand, but they are becoming increasingly scarce as overfishing and pollution are destroying the habitats. If you’re sitting on the fence about whether or not to buy that necklace or bracelet, then read these five reasons for why pearls are so fantastic:

Buying Pearl Jewelry – Get the Most Out of Your Dollars

Pearls make amazing accessories and are perhaps the only pieces of jewelry that will always stay timeless and go with almost every piece of your wardrobe. If you are looking to buy a nice necklace or bracelet, then read these 4 tips to valuing pearls. Don’t overpay for poor quality, get the maximum value for your money.

How to Buy Pearls – 4 Money Saving Tips

Pearls are, and have always been, in high demand as jewelry accessories. They look amazing as necklaces and bracelets and they have a timeless and universal quality that work with all kinds of clothes. If you are on the hunt for a pearl, go ahead and read these 4 simple tips to getting the maximum value for your money. Stop overpaying for poor quality!

5 Reasons Why Pearls Make Great Jewelry

Pearls have always been considered as the jewelry of queens and for good reason. They used to be so expensive, much more so than diamonds and gold, that only royalty could afford them. That was of course before we learned how to grow them organically.

Know About Natural Pearl

A natural pearl, also called a wild pearl, is a tough object that is found in shelled mollusk’s mantle, a soft tissue. In situations when a parasite go into a bivalve mollusk and stays there inside the shell for long time, then natural pearls are formed.

Get Flamboyant With Costume Jewelry

The craze for body piercing is at an all time high with teenagers and adults getting various parts of their body pierced for different reasons. While some do it for body adornment, for others it is a means of self expression.

Maintenance Care For Luxury Watches

After you’ve purchased a beautiful and elegant Swiss watch, the next step would be to ensure that it remains in tip-top condition. A high quality timepiece can provide you with accuracy and precision for a long time if it is well maintained. Get your money’s worth by carefully cleaning the watch regularly.

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