Piranha Fish brooch pin 1960s, Hattie Carnegie Rare Collectible Vintage jewelry

Sabona Copper Bracelets – Elegance With Health Benefits

Sabona copper bracelets are attractive and beautiful. Not only that, they are worn for their health benefits too. Those who use these bracelets proclaim that it not only relieves them of acute pain, it also helps them to heal from all manner of injuries much faster than normal.

LED Touch Watch, Expressing Individuality Independence

If you are a fashion line runner, you deserve a fashion touch LED watch well-designed by German designer. Now, like other accessories, the watch uses far beyond the initial display time of the function, but by its gorgeous and delicate, to highlight the temperament of the wearer, giving more colorful. A stylish elegance, lack the touch trend of the elements of the LED watch has attracted people’s attention.

When It Comes to Wedding Jewelry, Should You Go With Diamonds or Pearls?

It can be tough to decide on womens diamond jewelry for your wedding. Use this guide to figure out which is best for you.

Bulova Wrist Watch – Always in First

As a man who appreciates the finer aspects of a luxury, I’m constantly and consistently asked which designer watch company is my favorite. Whether friends, family, or random acquaintances, it is the question I receive more often than any other. And my answer, each and every time, is the exact same.

Heather Will Leave You Wanting Moore: Heather Moore Jewelry

Have you ever seen something so classically beautiful that you had to own it, treasure it, wear it, and show it off to everyone you meet? There are times in everyone’s life that they are brought to the very place where their hearts stop beating, their eyes begin to glow brilliantly, and their souls wonder at the sight before them. That is how it feels to walk into a jewelry store and stand before the case holding the beautiful and one of a kind design of Heather Moore custom jewelry.

Timex Ironman Triathlon 100 Lap Watch Review – What You Need To Know

Sports and training watches have become immeasurably more popular in recent years, especially as it becomes harder and harder to maximize fitness results with a hectic modern lifestyle. Timex have been making sports training watches for a number of years, and their newest model is the next evolution of the breed. In this article you are going to read a review of the Timex Ironman Triathlon 100 lap watch to see whether this watch is right for you.

Birthstone Pendants Healing Powers

Birthstone pendants are special gifts – aside from the fact that they symbolizes the month a person was born, they also signifies the wearer’s personality. Charm and beauty are just a plus. Another major reason why birthstone pendants are gaining popularity as a personal gift is the believed spiritual powers the gemstone posses that provide protection to the wearer.

Impress Your Friends With White Gold Lockets

There are lots of questions that make you confuse while purchasing a gift for your friends? What to look for? And if that person is so special for you then what gift you should select for him? But answer is the only one and that is white gold lockets.

Captivating Ruby – A Birthstone Necklace Every Woman Must Have

“I am Ruby. My inner fire has been the inspiration for innumerable legends and myths, and to this day, no red gemstone can compare to my fiery, rich hues.”

Bargain Gothic Armor Ring Jewelry Means Designer Style Looks at Affordable Prices

Until recently you were not likely to have heard of or seen an armor ring as they seem to have been favoured mainly by people who adopted the Gothic style of dress. But, with the likes of designers such as Vivienne Westwood getting her creative hands on them and putting her own stamp on styles and designs they have been thrust into the jewelry fashion limelight.

Design Your Own Jewelry

Designing jewelry is one of the most creative fields. Whether a person wishes to pursue it as a hobby or as a business is a choice people can make. This is however one of the most creatively satisfying fields. Each creation uniquely belongs to the creator whether it is a simple macrame bracelet or a complex pendant design. The sheer satisfaction of doing something as creative can give the person a high and it is also a good business option especially to women who can work this out of their homes and thereby balance their business and families. This gives a decent income to those people who wish to make a business out of it. The jewelry designer can also advertise their creations online and sell them for a tidy profit.

Designer Diamond Engagement Rings

The importance of selecting a right designer ring and what all research that has to be done to know to find a suitable ring within your budget. One of the few aspects in life which is understood even without mentioning its importance is the importance of a wedding ring. It depends on the wealth and religion from which each family is coming while a wedding ring is purchased.

Pandora Jewellery – A Short History

Pandora is best known for its elegant twist to the classic charm bracelet (introduced in 2000). But behind their journey to become a world-renowned jewellery company is a simple story of a Danish goldsmith and his wife wanting to share their creations with the world.

Thanksgiving Men’s Watch Gift Ideas: 5 Best Timepieces for Men!

The festive season has kick started with Thanksgiving Day just around the corner! And once again the most perplexing task of finding that perfect present to display your gratitude to your loved ones has struck! Perceptibly, we all want to buy our loved ones a gift that displays our emotion and gratitude in the most apt way possible.

Bookish Baubles – New Trends in Jewelry Design

Traditionally, jewelry functions as an ornament to decorate our bodies. It adds to the beauty of our style and expression. It gives the wearer confidence. It can remind us of something important or deeply personal such as a religious icon, family crest, or wedding ring.

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