Another Box Of “Bohemian” Jewelry To Unbox From Arizona! I See Some Really Cool Pieces. Part 1 of 5

Use Slide Charms To Create Stunning Handmade Jewelry

There are many different types of slide charms available today which can be used to make cute and stunning handmade jewelry. Slide charms are available in various shapes such as hearts, animals, flowers, numbers and even alphabets.

How To Take Care Of Your Jewelry Made Of European Beads

Jewelry made from European beads is available from some of the famous jewelry companies today. European bead jewelry is an innovative jewelry trend, but it is quite a surprise that not much information is available on the internet regarding its care and cleaning.

The Formation Of A Naturally Free Pearl

There are a number of theories present that offer an explanation to the formation of the pearl. It appears that it is created as a result of the natural instincts of a mollusc to protect itself from injury, predators and parasites. The migration of shell producing cells within the molluscs account for naturally ‘free’ pearls whereas the intrusion of predators results in ‘blister’ pearls attaching themselves to the shells.

Understanding the Strength of Gemstones

Durability is one of the main properties of a gemstone and those who are planning to open a gemstone jewellery business need to know how to determine it, in order to avoid any problems. The strength of gemstones is made out of three qualities: hardness, toughness and stability. These qualities are very important to be known by those who are planning to use them, in order to avoid any possible accidents and know how to use them properly. A gem that has been damaged will have a much lower value, if any. Hardness is the first quality of any gemstone. This means the resistance of a particular gem to scratches. Diamonds are the most resistant gems, closely followed by sapphires and rubies.

The Meaning of Birthstones on the Personalized Necklace

Birthstones hold a special, unique meaning for many people. It is an awesome idea to include other members of the family into a single piece of jewelry. As Birthstones have astrological meanings, many people believe that it is good to wear them. Some people also say that Birthstones have a calming effect on you when you wear them.

The Allure and Prestige of Getting Your Own Super Bowl Rings

Millions of football fans across the world are getting ready for the next season. Players are training, coaches are studying, and many fans just can’t wait to get their hands on tickets to the next season.

Reasons You May Want To Get Super Bowl Rings For Your Next Party

Every year, millions of people come together to watch football and enjoy food, fun, friends, and the big game. Imagine next year’s game and you can already hear the sounds, smell the food, and taste the cold beverages that flow.

Facts About Wholesale Cabochons

Most beads are faceted by someone cutting the stones so that the cuts will capture and reflect the light in a unique way. The faceting of the stones makes the items prettier to look at, and often the faceting increases the value of the stone. Wholesale cabochons are gemstones that are not faceted.

Custom Jewelry – Misconceptions and Myths

You have probably been dreaming about that one unique jewelry piece that you can picture clearly in your head but have been unsuccessful in finding the similar design. You have thought of opting for custom jewelry to get your hands on that amazing jewelry item of your dream.

Selling Your Pre-Owned Swiss Watch

If you are the proud owner of a Swiss watch, you probably know the true sentimental value associated with this ”relic”. Once you acquire this fabulous accessory, you can choose to either relish it in your jewel box or rock it on your wrist for a chic and fashionable look. However, often the need to replace an old Swiss watch with a new model occurs, and many people choose to sell their old watch so that they can cover some of the expenses associated with the purchase of a new one.

How Do Freshwater Pearls and Saltwater Pearls Differ?

How easy is it to tell the difference between saltwater and freshwater pearls? They may look similar but it can be difficult to tell the difference. If you do not know then, unless you consult an expert, you could be at the mercy of an unscrupulous salesperson.

Popular Religious Silver Jewelry Designs

Religious jewelry is an outward symbol of a person’s beliefs. The most representative and recognized symbols of each main religion are listed in this article.

Introduction to Wire Ropes and How to Use Them Well

Steel chains & wire ropes are all around us and along with other essential marine stainless steel products they are mostly used in loading ships. These creatures are little understood and terribly abused. Just because they are steel, does not mean they are indestructible.

People Love to Fashion Up With Fabulous Fashion Jewelry

People choose to have their own personal sense of style as it helps them stand out from the crowd. It uplifts their spirits and makes them feel confident and happy. Everyone dreams to be the center of attention -who doesn’t love attention anyway?

Time for a New Chain, But Which One To Buy?

Some of my chains look a little old. One has a kink in it that I try to keep to the back. Another has a broken clasp and don’t tell anyone but yes, I quickly put a safety pin in it to wear it the other day. I know, terrible, but that was easier than trying to go through my jewelry box to find another chain that was the right length, width, etc. to go with my outfit.

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